About The Eat Shop

Hello there, void-that-is-the-internet, and welcome to The Eat Shop Blog!

I’m a girl who lives in Oklahoma, land of tumbleweeds, Indian fry-bread and beef. Like many of you, I work in an office by day, and on nights and weekends I EAT. Lots of eating going on here. Lots of cooking going on here. We’re a budget and time-conscious family, so we do most of our cooking on the weekends, and we finish dishes the night we eat them.

So, why “The Eat Shop Blog?” I know, I know. It is silly. My dad is the king of childhood stories, the absolute KING. His version of growing up in rural Wisconsin is so wound up in fantasy that the whole state is wrapped in magic and wonder. And in the midst of stories about Max the Muskie, Baldy the Horse and other tall tales from the Midwest timbers, he mentioned that the one restaurant in town was called The Eat Shop. Which sounded like the most perfectly practical name for a restaurant in the whole world. At least it sounded like just the sort of place that you would walk in and already everyone that you knew was there, and the food was good and the stories enormous and at the end of the day you left satisfied.

Hope reading this bog leaves your satiated –


2 thoughts on “About The Eat Shop

  1. Roslyn Uttleymoore says:

    Hi Emily 🙂 sure sounds like you have got yourself a perfect life there 🙂 LOL Roslyn Thank you for liking my Blog, it has given me a GR8 opportunity to connect with on the other side of the planet

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